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As a current or aspiring triathlete you may ask yourself “how can I get the best out of my training time and maximize my potential?” Since 1994 Mark has been helping athletes with training plans that answer those two critical questions. With any program you sign up for through MarkAllenCoaching you will not only receive what he feels is the best possible training available anywhere, but also the highest quality support from a small staff of select top level coaches. Everyone at MarkAllenCoaching is dedicated to making your triathlon journey and your experience in the sport the best you can possibly have.


All training plans are developed through MarkAllenCoaching and delivered both via the web and your mobile devices. We are currently working on a great feature where you will be able to upload all your data from Garmin and have a log of your workout history and specific training data stored online for easy analysis and as your personal resource should you ever want to go back over your training history in the future.


With each package you receive a three phase training program that takes you through base building, then onto speedwork and eventually to the all-important taper down to your key races. Intensity levels are set by heart rate to help you maximize the physiological benefits of each and every session. Real core gains in fitness can then be measured by using Garmin or any other GPS device to track your fitness gains in your power output by tracking watts while cycling and pace while running against these heart rates.


You will also receive a four-phase strength-training program that is essential for boosting the benefits of your swim, bike and run workouts. There are two options. One is a traditional strength program and the other that will also come online for 2015 will be a functional strength alternative designed specifically for triathletes and their needs for core stability along with muscular gains in raw power.


Included with all programs is unlimited email support for any questions you have or feedback you desire. You will also be able to access a new tool for gaining information about the sport at the Tri-FAQ knowledge base. It is filled with great information about training, racing, nutrition, equipment and mindset.


Every training plan is tailored to the race distance you are going to target in your main season. This includes everything from sprint distance all the way to full-length triathlons. With the customized approach your current fitness and past training history is taken into consideration and incorporated into the creation of your training plans making MarkAllenCoaching ideal for triathletes of all levels of ability from the first timers all the way up to seasons veterans in the sport.



Types of Training Programs


MarkAllenCoaching offers two types of training plans:

Premium Coaching Package: This is a fully customized program designed specifically to get you ready to race. The workouts are built around the days of the week that you want to do your workouts and the number of workouts in each sport that you prefer. Included with your day-to-day training the premium coaching package includes unlimited email support from our coaching staff to help guide you through your training and answer any questions you have, and to provide feedback on your progress when you have questions about that as well. The length of these programs are up to any length up to 20-weeks.

Off Season Coaching Package: The focus with these training sessions is to allow for full recovery after your racing season is done, or at any point during the season when a reduction in overall training volume and intensity is needed. These programs deliver daily training that is designed around helping you maintain enough of a base of fitness to be able to seamlessly transition back into the racing plans as you start to get within at least 20-weeks to your next goal race. Overall volume is less than in the Premium racing schedules and there are just enough faster anaerobic sessions to help keep your body activated while still affording the deeper recovery necessary in the off season. You get all features of the day-to-day training and get unlimited email support as well as to access the Tri-FAQ knowledge base as a resource to help understand the philosophies necessary to maximize your workouts and racing.


Pricing: The cost of training plans depends on how many weeks you want to purchase at a time. The Premium programs require a 3-week initial purchase and the Off Season package requires a 2-week initial purchase. You will be able to see as many weeks as you have paid for on your schedule.


MPay Weekly – the cost is $35/week if you purchase training on a weekly basis.

Pay for 6-12 Weeks – the cost is $30/week if you purchase a block of 6-12 weeks of training at one time.

Pay for 13-20 Weeks – the cost is $25/week if you purchase a block of 13-20 weeks all at once.

Pay for a Year Membership – the cost for 52-weeks of coaching is $20/week and can start anytime you wish. Your weekly credits never expire!


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