About Mark Allen

Mark Allen is arguably the most successful triathlete in the history of the sport. He was the first ever ITU Olympic Distance World Champion in 1989 in Avignon France, the 6-Time Hawaii Ironman World Champion and the 10-Time Undefeated Champion of the Nice International Triathlon to name a few of his historic racing accomplishments. In 2012 he was voted “The Greatest Endurance Athlete of All Time” in a worldwide poll conducted by ESPN.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of his 15-year career as a world-class triathlete is that Mark never had a coach! He had to figure out how to be the best in the world on his own through trial and error by scouring sports research periodicals looking for the most effective training methods, nutritional advice and injury prevention technics, and then putting the best information available to the ultimate test by training over 15,000 miles each and every year of his career.

What Mark found was that some tools that science said were essential to the success of an athlete were indeed effective. However, he discovered the hard way that most of what research claimed was key to racing at your best just fell short when applied in the real world of day to day training, and especially when he tried to employ those methods personally to help him get ready for just a handful of key races each and every year. Tim Noakes, who is perhaps the most acclaimed researcher in the world of endurance athletics, once said about Mark that there is a gap between what science knows and what happens in the real world, and this man has proven it without a doubt!

Mark made the mistakes. He learned from them. He refined what worked. Then over time he developed the most effective training protocol of any athlete in the sport! He has helped aspiring triathletes complete their first ever triathlon as well as worked with professionals to and guided them to become World Champions.

Mark is sharing this wealth of direct knowledge and effective training methods with you through MarkAllenCoaching. Now through the guidance of Mark and a small group of hand picked coaching experts, you can access the brain of a champion directly through MarkAllenCoaching!

Get ready for the racing experience of a lifetime with MarkAllenCoaching!

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