”If experience is the best teacher, then the best teacher is the one with the most experience.“



getting a second opinion

The person with the most skewed perspective on where your triathlon fitness level is at, and which direction it's headed will always be you. How many times have you questioned whether you are doing too much, or too little? How many times have you wished you had someone with real experience that you trust to tell you what you need to do to accomplish your dreams?

the matrix

lots of moving parts

Unless you're a full time professional, or a member of a National Team, you have a life that probably includes at least forty-hours a week at work, additional family commitments before and after that, and a whole list of priorities that are not about training. And even though having a great experience in the sport can be a priority, many triathletes train in ways that hinder the chance of success.


staying the course

There is no such thing as a "one size fits all" training program. Age, experience and life circumstances can make the “ideal” training program look very different year to year even for the same person! Finding your own true starting point is one of the most important choicess you'll make as you stand at the precipice about to invest hundreds of hours, and thousands of dollars...